Monday, June 1, 2009

Moments Too Easily Missed

Today, while running some errands for work, I passed a school. With my window rolled down I could hear the cheerful chirps of the young children playing about. My eye was suddenly drawn to a slight young boy sitting all alone on the curb, his knees to his chest, arms firmly wrapped around them. I felt sorry for the boy, wondered why he was in such dismay. A frown began to plague my face, when at that apropos moment; two beams of light grinning from ear to ear began to make their way towards him. One dressed in a pink dress, daisy janes and those cute little white socks with the frills at the ankle, the other with a peppy step, and pig-tails swaying to and fro. The boys head began to perk up, and with a smile on my lips, tears began to stream down my face. How many moments we miss too consumed with the busy nature of life. I was so glad I had witnessed the moment, but was sad knowing there are so many like it gone unnoticed. When we are children we want to get ‘big’, and the time can never go by fast enough, always waiting anxiously for that next birthday, the proverbial desire to grow older. And as an adult I find myself wishing time would just slow down a bit. Moments passing by ever too quickly to stop and really enjoy the small moments that can make it so incredible. So my advice for the day would be to just stop for a minute, open your ears, heart and mind to something you may have otherwise missed, it’s the little moments that really matter. And if you see someone with their head in their hands, be that person to lift their spirits.

Here is a fairy that I made a while back, hope it brings some magic to your day.

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  1. You are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing that experience. I to wish sometimes life would slow down, it seems to be going quicker and quicker every day.