Monday, July 25, 2011


Being predisposed to panic attacks really sucks. Sweaty palms, vasoconstriction causing a pounding in my head, narrowed vision and dizziness, all while having to pretend like all is hunky dory. Heart racing, thoughts and rambling words ablaze in my skull, heart sullen and heavy. Luckily I can do a pretty good job at keeping a full blown attack at bay, but it really sucks when your own brain becomes your kryptonite. Here is my therapy, painting on a digital canvas for 5 minutes - bad vibes be gone.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Friday's with Lailah - Episode 1

I have made the decision to take Friday's off work and take a pay cut to spend more time with Lailah! Best decision I have ever made. The more I think about the days I am at work and not seeing her firsts and just being with her more, the more sad I was getting, so a day off it is.

So the first Friday off, we went up to Cascade Springs at the top of American Fork Canyon, and it was full of LOTS of Ooooohhhs. She thought the little water falls were amazing and couldn't get enough of all of the butterflies. She even Oooh'd and Awww'd on the drive up with the views she had out the window. It was a great day.

I am thinking the Museum of Natural History next Friday, but we will see. Stay tuned.