Friday, October 30, 2009

From The Sky

Exhausted beauty. This picture was taken from the plane on the way to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Flying over the ocean you wouldn't think you would see much, but in these parts there are little tiny islands all over the place. Everytime I looked out the window there would be another little island, some of them small enough you could probably walk around in 20 minutes. It wasn't even close to the beauty of what was to come however!

Why the exhausted part? We left Salt Lake International at about 1:00 am and we didn't arive in San Juan until about 2:00 in the afternoon. With a layover in Georgia and cramped plane seats, there wasn't much chance of sleeping. And anyone that knows me, knows I don't do well without sleep. This was the 'rough' part of the trip. But well worth it in the end. =)

I have never seen this on any of the other trips I have taken, but it was pretty neat to be able to see where you were at at all times. The picture above was taken about the same time as this one, so you can see where I was at over the ocean.

Finally decending into Puerto Rico. We were coming for our landing and I snapped a shot. The cloud cover was pretty neat!

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  1. Awesome shots! (Especially for being through an airplane window!) I think it's wonderful you and your Mom do these trips together :)