Sunday, February 7, 2010

Life Progressions...

I've been meaning to write on here for a while, but looking for the right words has been a bit of a challenge. Such a momentous event, leaves me nothing but speechless.

A single cell progressed into our little sesame seed, our little sesame seed progressed into a little plum, and now that plum has become 'our little girl'; a full fledged little one growing inside me, heart beating at 150 beats per minute...created magically through the love of two people.

Momentous events happen throughout life, but I could have never been prepared for this one, it has brought whole new meaning to the word 'life'. Life truly is a progression of moments, moments that turn into events, events that turn into memories; forever impressed into the mind and heart.

I pray that this little girl of ours; loves life, sees joy in the little things, and embraces nature. That she feels our love and compassion as parents, and finds comfort in us as a confidant and friend. I pray she truly knows how much she is loved, and how grateful we are to have been given her. Life truly is a blessed thing.

7 weeks 1 day

11 weeks 1 day

21 weeks 4 days

Our little one is scheduled to make her appearance on June 13th.
We can't wait to meet you.


  1. Great words babe! (my baby mama) :)
    I'm too excited...I can't wait, I'm ready for her to be here NOW!!!
    I'm still thinking Lux is the best name EVER! ;)
    Love you...

  2. I'm willing to bet this little miracle already knows how much she is loved :)
    And for you and Andy to get to view the world through your child's eyes - where everything is exciting and new, adventurous and wonderful - oh you have such great times coming :)
    ...and WOO HOO! We get to enjoy it too, without having to do all the hard work ;)