Friday, May 28, 2010

Is she here yet?

Eagerly anticipating this little one's arrival and it seems like the minutes are counting down at a slow-poke pace; every twinge and movement more uncomfortable than the last. As I sit and look at the pictures I have of her so far I can't help but want to see her in person all the more...wondering just what that little face will look like.

With the hospital bag packed and the car seat installed, it's becoming a much stronger reality that soon; Andy and I will be parents. Talk about an overwhelming sense of responsibility - an overwhelming sense of responsibility blanketed with an overwhelming sense of wonder and amazement.

Baby hands clinched, wide inquisitive eyes, funny faces and the smell of baby, it just can't get here soon enough. We are waiting baby girl; eagerly waiting...


  1. Soon enough you will be wondering where the time went! I am so excited for you and Andy, you are going to be great! Love you and can't wait to see that little face either!

  2. We just had this conversation. I have come to the conclusion that life as I...or we know it has changed without my realization, atleast until I see the baby seat in the car or your tummy twitching or something cute that I just have to drag home for my baby girl and then it becomes very real very fast.
    I can't wait for our little angel to make here appearance...and in a really weird twist of fate I never know I could love anything as much as her and I have never even meet her yet...exciting days ahead for sure!
    I love you

  3. And I love all three of you :)

    My heart got a happy smile, the warm fuzzies, when I saw the baby seat in your car - woo hoo! She's a comin'