Saturday, April 14, 2012


Easter this year was so much more exciting than last with Lailah. For a week I got her going about the Easter Bunny, when you would ask her who would be coming on Sunday, she'd gleefully respond "Bunny!". She knew he would bring candy and presents, and she couldn't wait. Sunday came and she was excited to wear her pretty dress, she got to see both sets of Grandparents, and the Easter Bunny left her a note and bunny tracks to the back yard where she discovered hidden eggs, and a SAND BOX! She was so stoked and it's become one of her favorite things. All in all, it was an Easter to remember.

She got right down to playing with the sand

 Can someone please tell me when this will no longer be an issue.
'Mmm, a nice tasty rock.'

 Lots of smiles.

 Awww, a pretty good life, indeed.

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