Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sunshine and Smiles

Today was such a lovely day! The sun was shining and smiles were prescribed to all. Lailah LOVES being outside and is so interested in touching everything she sees. Everything works out as long as we keep a binky in her mouth, because she also has a knack for giving everything she touches a taste...I did however manage to capture a few shots without the binky...
 "Hey Mom, look I am touching the cement...and there is dirt on it...I'm gonna get dirty"
 "I just love dirt so much"
 "Forget my apple juice, I got things to explore!"
 "Hrmm, What's this?"
"I touched the dirt, la la ala"

We also ran over to Great Grandma Mary's house to see the horses for the first time. And forget the possibility of Lailah being timid..she was hell bent on seeing if she could fit her whole hand up horsy's nostrils. Luckily Grama Lynnie was there to teach her how to be soft. Skip a Sock was a real sport. Notice the changed outfit, Lailah is drooling like crazy these days, her other shirt was SOAKED - teeth are making there way I suspect.

Skip a Sock is pretty handsome, here are few shots of him by himself...

There are lots of weathered things to take pictures of at Great Grama Mary's, including colorful weeds and old barn doors...

Later in the day Dad finally got home and we continued our stay outside, it was just too nice out to pass up...
Lailah LOVES Berkley, he barks loud, is rambunctious and is about 10 times her size, but she don't care...

The evening ended in the backyard where the nectarine tree is blooming. I love the things I can see when zoomed in...notice the spiders silk.
And a few other shots...

Good weather, good company...I can't complain.

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  1. C Dog's GrandmaApril 17, 2011 at 4:52 PM

    Absolutely love the beautiful pics of Lailah, and of Lailah & the horse at Gma Dean's. Love the pics of the old barn doors & weeds, Daddy & Daughter, & flowers, etc. You certainly have the artist's eye for photos. Lailah is growing so fast--so, so precious!