Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Love - In Full Bloom - Textures

Lailah and her Daddy - I couldn't get her to do it for the camera because she just wanted to smile and look around, but grama Lynnie has taught her a new trick...if you ask her "Where's my nose" she will reach up and touch your nose, LOVE IT! =)

 The Nectarine tree is officially in full bloom...

And our flowering pear tree...

 And various textures from out and about...


  1. Oh man Michelle, these shots are awesome. I'm so jealous of how wonderful your pictures are. I wish with 25 years of scrapbooking behind me I had some decent pictures to show for it! Oh well, looking forward - yoo-hoo Michelle, will you take this picture for me ;)

  2. P.S. Love the new blog design & your pic - (did you do it on Photoshop?)

  3. Thanks Lynnie. =) I can take pictures whenever you need me to! Speaking of scrapbooking, I was really hoping to have a Lailah scrapbook completed before her first birthday. Err, not sure that will happen, but I will try.

    And yes, I did the picture in photoshop. I learned something new yesterday and thought I would implement it so I wouldn't forget how to do it. =)