Monday, August 8, 2011

Friday's with Lailah - Episode 3

This Friday Lailah and I went to Wheeler Farm; I had never been before and it was a fun little place, and for free you really can’t go wrong. We wandered around to the goats and little animals throughout the farm and Lailah started to get sick of being in her stroller (I have a feeling this is soon going to become an issue), she wants to walk around, collect rocks, push the stroller, and be free to go do whatever she feels.

So having not been prepared we had to go back to the car and get her shoes, why I didn’t put them in the stroller to begin with, I really don’t know, snacks – check, camera – check, water – check, sunscreen – check…I guess with a child it’s easy to forget something. So we headed back into the farm and strolled to a quiet little place under a shady tree where she was able to roam about, gather rocks and miscellaneous debris, attempt to pick up a giant tree stump, and just be. I love watching her methodically pick things off the ground and arrange them in carefully chosen places, truly examining each thing with an eerily wise look in her eyes. Friday’s with Lailah is the best day of the week.

 Rooster See, Rooster Do.


  1. I'm amazed little herc-woman didn't bring that tree stump home to add to her nature collection! :D

  2. Oh, she tried. She actually managed to move the stump and then I told her to stop it - afraid she would give herself a hernia. Little Hulk.