Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fridays with Lailah Episode 5 – Red Butte Gardens

This ‘Friday with Lailah’ we headed up to Red Butte Gardens early in the day, hoping to beat the heat, or at least escape the smog that is blanketing the valley. We didn’t beat the heat, but it was beautiful just the same. A vast array of flowers painting the terra firma, with bees taking to their nectar – fuzzy and yellowed from their electrostatic charge; a low sung buzz permeating the air.

Lailah sang along with the apis mellifera, scrunched her nose and smelled the flowers, even if from afar, and pointed to and fro - often with that distant wisdom bestowed upon her face, as if she’s trying to figure it all out, or better yet, that she in fact has figured it all out and is simply admiring it. Sometimes I really wonder where she goes in her mind, a wise little soul she has. 

It wasn’t until we came upon the children’s area that Lailah turned all kid, gesturing frantically to the water features and looking at me as to say “hey ma, is it okay if I go check it out?” I urged her on and for over an hour watched her move about daintily from water spout to water spout, meticulously choosing various plant remnants from the ground and placing them in the water, pulling them back out and gazing over them searching for signs of change, back and forth back and forth. I’m sure if she had her way, we would still be there…4 days later. Ah, my little Lailah...
Alis volat propriis - lux mentis lux orbis.
(She flies with her own wings – light of the mind, light of the world)

 Until next time...Bless bless.

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  1. GREAT photos. My heck, you can see the movement of the wings on the bee - and I love munchkin's concentration! Water dripping down her face and she's in a whole different world :D and the finger in the snake's mouth is too cute!