Monday, August 22, 2011

Water Baby

My little tadpole short and stout
swims with the minnow swims with the trout.
With water on her brow and a smile upon her face
she transfers me to the happiest place.
Squiggling and wriggling through drops of dew,
alas my small child the day is through.
Rest your head upon your pillow
beneath the weeping willow;
for the day is done and you’ve had your fun -
but tomorrow will bring back the golden sun.
Another day for which to play
forever in my heart you’ll stay.

~Michelle Kawahara 2011


  1. What a sweet, precious blog entry - LOVE IT!

  2. My favorite little bub! She makes my heart smile when I see her...and your a great mom, and becoming a professional photo...taker! :)