Sunday, May 20, 2012

Why Friday’s are more than just a Friday

It was a cold, rainy, windy day today, but it was one of the best Friday’s we’ve had together. We spent the entire day inside except for a trip to the mailbox and the garbage can. But spending the day inside means being more connected, more quiet conversations, and interactions otherwise missed when we are outside.

We had spent the day reading books, playing with toys, taking a nap, and doing all things fun, but the most precious moment came when we were having our lunch picnic on the living room floor. She stops what she is doing and comes up to me, looks me in my eyes, and says “I miss you Mommy”. I say “But I’m right here baby, you don’t need to miss me”, “No work, don’t leave” she says, “I promise I won’t Baby, I am staying right here with you” I respond. “I hug ya mommy” (hug ensues). I’m so glad I didn’t miss that moment with her. And I am so glad that I could comfort her and assure her that today, I was all hers. 

Nothing better than setting up a tent in the living room and watching Dino Dan.

 She was playing with her toys and I was lying on the floor next to her with my eyes closed - just relaxing and she kept saying puppy puppy, so I opened my eyes and puppy was RIGHT in front of my face. Ha Ha, 'bout crapped my pants, and then started laughing. I even got her to smile for me while taking her picture, which she never does, but this time she made sure it was super cheesy for me.

 These are the moments I never want to grow out of. I had to lay in her itty bitty tent with her, and she kept making me turn my ahead away and then look at her in the face and then she would start laughing. Aww, melt my heart.

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