Monday, June 11, 2012

A Birthday Party and the Aftermath

It’s official. The party has been had, and I am now the Mother of a TWO year old. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I really have no idea where the time has gone. It frightens me to think of another two years going by just as quickly, and another, and another, and before I know it, my hair will be gray and I will be the mother of a 20 year old. While I can’t wait to see what those years will bring, and the person she will become, I am saddened to think that before long she will no longer fit snug as a bug upon my lap. She’s getting so big, and learning so much, I wish for just a moment time could stand still and I could keep her the way she is. But alas, this is not possible, I know. So, for now, I will just be sure to enjoy every moment of it to the greatest extent.

So, the party. It was a hit. It was Minnie Mouse to the max. I’m glad we decided to keep the majority of it inside, once the wind started howling like a banshee the only thing we lost were a few balloons, which I am still a little sad about, but it is what it is. I should have just left them in the house to begin with. Does this happen to anyone else. I keep telling myself that loosing those balloons was/is no big deal, but then I keep saying to myself, I wish Lailah had gotten to see them, I wish I hadn’t bothered making a special trip for them the night before, oh why didn’t I just leave them in the house with everything else? Yea, apparently it’s a little bit bigger deal than I keep telling myself. I guess I just wanted everything to be perfect, and to her it was, so I guess that’s really all that matters.

She had fun performing for all the people that came to see her and she even made a couple of new friends, Chloe and Aspen. It was so funny to see her adapt to them and the way they acted even though they were much older than her.

It took her about half a day to open all her presents, most of which she opened after nearly everyone had already left. I love that about her, she really is pretty content with just one thing, she’s not one to rip through all her presents and wonder why there isn’t more. She took it all in, and mostly just wanted to play with her new friends. After they all left, I could tell it was going to be an interesting night, and knew that if we made it all the way through to morning without her waking up it would be a miracle. Sure enough about 4am she woke up crying, and when I went in to see what was the matter she wanted to talk about her party and her friends, and her toys. She has a hard time coming back down from exciting events. I hope that over time she isn’t so sensitive to such activities. I think her brain just works too hard on a relaxed day, add to that a special event and she gets on overload.

But all in all, Birthday Party was a success.

She loved everything she got. 
 She was so content after opening a present it took quite some time to get her to open another one.
 New Friends. Awww.
 Minnie Mouse everywhere.
 You can see how interested she was in opening her presents.
 Ha Ha, I have no idea what this look was all about.

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