Saturday, June 30, 2012

I keep doing this...

Full of good intentions, but failing to make good of them. I keep falling behind on the ol' blog, and then pictures pile up, and the things I wanted to say fade away, and I'm left dreading having to make an update. So alas, this will be an update of a few of the things that have happened over the past couple of weeks.

Weekends have been busy with fun in the sun as of late, and the past few weeks I have had success with being able to take Friday's off. A couple of Friday's ago I didn’t break out my camera until Lailah was ready for bed, and she was being cute, so I took a couple of pictures of her. But most of the day was spent not doing too much, mostly getting everything together for Father’s Day.

Ha Ha, she was in the middle of singing and being a little bit crazy right here.


 My precious little girl.

For Father’s Day Sunday, Lailah, Andy and I took a trip to the Zoo to see the new exhibits, and Lailah flipped over the Otters. She loves otters so much and couldn’t get enough of them. Once she saw them - all the other animals no longer existed. After that we stopped at Red Robin, Yum, for some lunch, and by the time we got home we were all exhausted.

It was a fun weekend.

She was pretty stoked about the train ride.


 Aww, Lailah and her Daddy.

And a few other random pictures from the weekend.

Oh this is a mischievous face if I ever saw one.
 And this is the sweetest face if I ever saw one.
 Nothing better than fun in the sun.

And a few pics of some of the things sprouting up around the yard.


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  1. Oh holy moley the way you're able to capture the "many faces of Lailah" is amazing! And I really like the way the background fades out on the flower/bee close-ups. Really professional looking!