Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rat Fink Reunion 2012

Let me just start this post by saying a vacation with a two year old...is not a vacation. The week prior to our adventure I had been telling Lailah we were going to be going on a trip, we called it 'camping'. We were staying in my parents trailer, so to call it camping seemed apropos, even though their trailer is far from actual 'camping'. Lailah was excited all throughout the week - I would ask her what we were going to go do, and she would gleefully respond with "goin' campin". She seemed genuinely stoked about it, until about 4 hours after we got there, and she started saying "go home now", and since that was getting her anywhere she started saying "mommy's house", as if to say, you dingbat Mommy are you not understanding that I am done with camping? I kept telling her we were camping for the weekend and that we wouldn't be going home for a few days. It would keep her satisfied for a minimal amount of time and then it was back to wanting to go home. all.weekend.long. Her sleeping schedule was completely out of whack, the sounds in the trailer were unfamiliar to her, it was unseasonably hot all weekend long, she didn't have her crib, it just wasn't familiar enough for her to enjoy it. Which meant not enjoying it much myself, which meant Andy not enjoying it much himself either. BUT, there were definitely memory worthy moments in there, and I am thankful for that. Lailah liked 'Rat Finks House' - particularly the Christmas room. Ilene has decorated a room in the museum completely with Christmas items. A tree is even adorned with ornaments that Andy pinstriped, and Lailah just thought it was the most awesome room. All weekend long she would say, "See Christmas", and "Rat Fink" and "Trixie". While I am sure she would have much preferred to have been home, she did find moments of enjoyment throughout the adventure, and so did I. 

When we first arrived, she was happy enough. 

 Naps consisted of me driving around while she slept in her car seat. She woke up when I was driving up the Manti-Lasal Mountain canyon so we stopped and played in the creek. Dinosaurs and water...she was quite alright with that.
 Not so sure the Dinosaurs were as excited about it. T-Rex looks to be in agony - Can't say I blame him, what the hell is up with his hands?
 I got lots of cheesy smiles throughout the weekend. The kind that say 'enough already mom, take the damn picture and get it over with.'
 Lailah and Daddy in front of the Rat Fink. It was interesting seeing her there with him, since 6 years ago Andy and I were having our picture taken in the exact spot. My how things have changed since then.
 Lailah was really diggin' the live music. She stopped playing with her dinosaurs and danced for a good 10 minutes. My face hurt from smiling so much. I love to watch her dance.
 And what could be better than a giant pile of rocks to play in. Daddy was kind enough to get in there with her and indulge in some rock hounding fun. They sat there for a good half hour bonding. Precious moments.
 Finally back at home I caught this Daddy/Daughter moment out the window. I looked up to catch Lailah helping Daddy do some weeding. More precious moments.


  1. Thank you Michelle - I'm in a state of total bliss reading your updates and perusing your exceptional eye-candy!! Each entry, I keep picking a favorite picture ever, just to have the next one blow it out of the water - really, truly, STUNNING photography on everything. Really love the tiger, peacock pics, and Lailah's little essence shines through whether at Wheeler's, zoo, or Rat Fink. What you capture really is "worth a thousand words" - don't ever give it up!!

    1. Awww, thanks Lynnie. =)