Monday, June 11, 2012

Friday with Lailah – June 8th

The calm before the Party. This Friday with Lailah was spent relaxing the day away, most of which with a swimsuit on. (Not me, her, ha ha – Just wanted to be clear on that.) Earlier in the day I took her to Toy’s R Us to choose a toy with the Birthday money she got from her Great Grandma and Grandpa. And of course she wanted Dinosaurs. I couldn’t get her to change her mind come hell or high water. And don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that she likes Dinosaurs, but she seems to be obsessed and has plenty, I was hoping she would go for something else. But Dinosaurs it was. So when we got back from the store, she wanted to change into her swimsuit and take her new Dino’s outside to play in the water. And that is what we did, for a long, long time.

She was begging me to open the box and get her dinosaurs out, so this is the smile I got when I was taking her picture. ha ha
 She's a bit obsessed with her Dinosaurs. I think we may soon need an intervention.
 She surely has a lot of fun with them though.

 Aww, precious bean. This is her 'real' smile.
 Dinosaurs gets lots of hydration.

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