Monday, September 17, 2012

The Change Starts 9/2/12

Of all the canyons close by, I have to say American Fork by far takes the cake for beauty. A week or so ago I headed up for a hike up the Lower Mill Trail. It was tranquil, it was quiet, it was serene, it It was also challenging, and my shoes are still paying the price. The rain from the previous day made the trail quite muddy and the creeks to cross were a little higher than normal. Some of the trail is inherently steep and required some panache to get up without sliding. Needless to say I have some scrubbing to do to my shoes.

The leaves were starting to make the change, they've since taken a dramatic turn. At golden hour the mountainside near our home looks a-flame from the bright red and gold leaves that now adorn the branches of which they will soon shed. Starved of light and water for photosynthesis as the days grow shorter and shorter.

It is indeed turning to fall.

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