Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Summer Ending

Lailah and I headed up to Cascade Springs this past Friday, and it's official, summer is over, fall has begun. And although awe inspired by the beauty of the foliage I'm saddened to know that snow is around the bend. Lailah loved the bright leaves and had fun gathering the myriad of colors the trees had to offer. More than anything though, she loves the water at Cascade Springs. She was enchanted with the waterfalls and enamored by the clear liquid pools; if I hadn't kept a close rein on her, I'm sure she would have gladly jumped in. Can't say I blame her.

La La La, whoa, what's that? (A HUGE bird flew from a nearby tree. It could have picked Lailah up and carried her far away. It was a 'Whoa' moment for sure.)
 Right after she was walking through the grass, we saw a giant snake slithering into the area, needless to say, more more walking through the grass.
 Treasures. Treasures. Treasures.
 Shortly before she fell off and scraped her hand. =(
 Just can't get close enough.

 Interesting moves.

 She wanted to kneel here and 'read' this plaque FOREVER.
 Ha Ha.

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