Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A visit to The Natural History Museum of Utah

We decided to take a trip to the The Natural History Museum of Utah, and well, it wasn't the right time. Lailah wasn't really all that excited to be there. I have learned that even though I like to beat the crowds to places, it's better to not take her places before she has had a nap. It's just the way it is. She knew there were Dino's so, of course that was all she was interested in. That, and like the dinosaur museum mentioned in a previous post, she was interested in going INTO the exhibits, not staying outside of the exhibits as your supposed to. I ended up not getting many pictures because she insisted on being held nearly the whole damn time. BUT, she did meet a lovely new friend and her name was Julia, an adorable, reverent little 3 year old who was just as cute as a button. Here are a few pics of them together. As far as the museum goes, what I was able to see of it was amazing, and I am looking forward to going back myself. =)

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