Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Meltdown

Countdown to meltdown in T-Minus 10-9-8-7…You get the idea. This year’s pumpkin patch outing ended up a pumpkin patch odium. The drive there featured several red flags, Lailah was already tired, and clearly stated that she didn’t want to go – when Lailah says she doesn’t want to go, you don’t go, because if you do, you will wish you hadn’t. Red Flag number one. Red flag number two, all the streets were blocked to get where we were going. What should have taken approximately 5 minutes, took about 15. Red Flag number 3, my ornery husband of a passenger barking instead of talking to me. As I slowly feel myself drooping in my seat and wishing for a pair of earplugs, the biggest red flag of all blaring in my ears, that voice inside screaming at me to turn around and go home. I didn’t listen, and what would ensue still leaves me a tad bit scarred, and takes the cake as worst day ever in a long time.

Once we got there, and were out of the car it started off well enough. Lailah saw the pumpkins and put her ‘I wanna go home’ attitude aside and started scouring the field for her prize pumpkin. A few adorable moments of pumpkin love were had, along with a few moments of me thinking to myself ‘oh here we go’, but nothing I couldn’t handle or keep quietly to myself at least. And then, progressively things went from I can handle this she’s a kid, to oh lord the rest of this day is going to be hell on earth. And, it was. The results of which can be further found in my ‘A mother never runs away’ post. That being said, aside from the not-so-fun parts of the day, there were also fun parts, the following pictures of which will so demonstrate.

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