Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trip to the Dino Museum

Lailah had her first trip to the Dino Museum and was really only interested in going into the areas that were off limits. Guess she figured if she was short enough to go under the barricade the rules didn't apply. Needless to say it was a lot of "Lailah you can't go over there", "Lailah that's only to look at from here". She did have some fun though. There are definitely some interesting things in there. And of course being able to dig in the sand at the end wasn't too shabby. We stopped at the petting zoo for a quick look and then headed was way past time for someone to take a nap.

 Lunch is never complete without a few dinos.

 Hey little goat, check out my sticker.
 No, sorry you can't have it.


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