Friday, May 13, 2011

Days Off

I was privileged to take a couple of days off last week and got to spend both of them with my little Lailah-Bean. Tuesday was a little windy and overcast so I opted to stay a little close to home, but we ventured out to Highland Glenn Discovery Park and chatted with the ducks, strolled around the lake and enjoyed being outside. Lailah thought the ducks were the best thing ever, and one duck was quite smitten with her as well – a true buddy standing idly by her side. The park used to be owned by Andy’s family and was once well maintained; sadly it is now strewn with trash, unkempt twigs and the like. Never-the-less it was still a lovely day. We even managed to catch a glimpse of what I believe to be a western scrub jay, whom was kind enough to allow me to take a photo, albeit not the best; he had things to do and didn’t feel like hanging around for long.

Thursday we decided to take advantage of the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point. Having never been there before I was quite impressed with the vast acres of grass, plants, trees and pathways. And the waterfall was pretty incredible; Lailah thought the rushing water was a site to behold pointing her little finger in its direction to ensure I hadn’t missed it. Tulips are probably my least favorite flower, but they had quite the variety and I was glad that we got to see it. I would probably be more impressed any other time of the year when other plants and various flowers are in bloom, and I am sure we will be going back. One thing’s for sure, walking shoes are an absolute must, we spent nearly 2.5 hours walking around and still didn’t see everything…I do have to admit though, I was kind of bummed at the amount of people there for so early in the morning on a weekday. I am wondering if it’s like that all the time, or if it’s just because the tulip festival only had a couple of days left? We will have to give it another shot sometime and try to determine when the best time to visit is. Hopefully we can get someone to tag along next time; Lailah doesn’t like me to make photo pit-stops – someone needs to assist in keepin’ her movin’.

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  1. Those Andy-inherited little crossed feet just make my heart smile!