Friday, May 27, 2011

Zoned out

So yesterday I decided to ditch work and take a moment to breathe...alone, with nothing by my thoughts - I took a trip to Malad to buy some Lotto tickets, and stopped along the way to take some pictures. As you enter Malad the sky seems to go on for days, and to my delight there was blue in that sky - finally! The air is clean and it's quiet - crickets chirp and in many areas the unpaved ground crackles beneath your feet - giving way to the scent of earth, a particular scent only found in small towns.

On the way back I was going to stop at the North Marina of Willard Bay to take some photos but accidentally passed the exit. I had never been to the South Marina so I thought what the hell. Talk about a treasure trove of various birds, and what appeared to be Golden Yarrow, but I don't believe that to be what it is - if someone can answer that one for me that would be awesome. I also came across a Bullock's Oriole and several other birds, but the oriole was the only one I got a decent shot of.

Needless to say, it was a good day and a much needed time to 'check out' for a bit.


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  1. Really interesting photos! Love them. Really like the one of wood/lichen - and the streaming plant growth under the water - wonderful!