Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day

I have made it nearly a year as a Mom, and I tell ya, its hard work. The saying “it takes a village to raise a child”, well it’s really no joke. Lailah learns so much everyday from the help of Grandma’s Lynnie and Tami and we couldn’t be more lucky to have them in her life. I am unable to fully express my gratitude for all their help in words alone, so I tried to put it together in a package, fit with a vintage inspired theme and things that reminded me of being a child. Lailah has got the best Grandma’s ever, and Andy and I were blessed with some amazing Mother’s.

And, Andy, talk about a stud. He surprised all of the Mom’s with gorgeous necklaces. The grandmas’ are hearts with mom inscribed throughout the middle adorned with diamonds and a sapphire to represent Lailah’s blue eyes, and I received one with 8 diamonds and a sapphire around a heart to represent the 9 months of pregnancy. WOW, talk about blown away, I had no idea what he had in mind and I was amazed on Mother’s Day. Not only do I have the best kid ever, but I have an amazing husband too – how lucky am I? VERY!

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  1. I loved this gift so much! I look forward always to the presents you make because they're so artistic, so thoughtful and personal, and so well-done. And then to get Andy's gorgeous necklace present as well, and cake-pops, GEEZE did I feel spoiled. And I'm so glad you were a mother this Mother's Day, what would we all do without our little Lailah-bean? Isn't it great how much she has already enhanced everyone's lives??
    And I'm even happier you posted these blogs - it's like opening a favorite book :) I love reading them, and seeing your great pictures so thanks again for sharing!!