Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Friday's with Lailah - Episode 14

Last Friday with Lailah we went up American Fork Canyon just a little ways past Tibble Fork to a little turn off to do some rock huntin' and explorin'. Lailah was sitting in her car seat and when I opened her door she said "woooow". When I got her out of the car she really said "woooow". She was in heaven! We went up the trail a ways, and Lailah dug in the dirt and checked things out. She saw a little girl about her size and made a quiet friend - that kind of friendship little kids make without saying anything to each other. Sort of like a wink and a nod. But Lailah's favorite part of our adventure was probably when she got to sit down on the creek bank with a giant stick in one hand and a rock in the other - dipping her stick in and out of the water, over and over. It was a good Friday.

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