Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Weekend at Palisades with Grandma and Grampa H‏

Oh man, am I behind on my blog posts! There have been a lot of goings on over the past few weeks, but I haven't gotten around to posting about them. I am working on it.

A few weekends ago Grandma and Grandpa H were 'camping' (if that's what you call it when you have a luxury motor-home) at Palisades. Andy had to head to Ogden and Salt Lake City for some Pinstriping projects, so Lailah and I made the trek down to see them. And oh boy, if that wasn't right what the little one needed. Water, Rocks, Grasshoppers, Dirt, Leaves, Ducks, a Playground, AND Grandma and Grandpa. The kid was in hog heaven - nevermind she had refused to take a nap that day, including on the long drive down there. (For a few days she thought it was a good idea to give up naps...little did she know it was so NOT a good idea. I am glad that she gave up on that one - we are back on nap schedule.)

Back to the task at hand - she had lots of fun. Grandpa gave her the best stroller ride of her life. Blasting from 0 to like 13 MPH in a nanosecond - twisting and turning, and making zooming noises, her little hands grasping the tray and smiles lit upon both their faces. Let's just say, any stroller ride she has had since then has been disappointing by way of excitement; I don't think anybody can do it quite like Grandpa Frank. 

The rest of our time there was spent checking out the water, playing with all the little twigs and mounds of leaves, discovering new things, some playground time and just being part of nature - Lailah's life force. And I don't say that lightly. My child is not having a good day if she doesn't get to spend at least a half hour outside. Last night she was so cranky because it had been cold all day and she hadn't gotten what she would consider to be an adequate amount of time outdoors. So I asked her "Lailah, why are you so cranky? Do you want to go outside?" "Side" she Said, "Side, Side. Mama Side" - well okay then. So we put on her puffy coat, some socks and shoes, and with one step out the door everything was all better in her world. She took off with her unique self-assured independence, and everything in the world was suddenly right. She stuck her hands in the cold mud, she patted then sat in the rain puddle laiden with dying leaves, she trogged through the grass, she said "moon" with her little finger pointed skyward to the crescent shaped oddity; crankiness eliminated. She was in her happy place. 

Rain or shine, cold or hot, Lailah is one with Nature. Kind of interesting considering [this post] and [this post] i had made before she was even born. After about 30 minutes, with rosey cheeks and chilled hands it was time to go inside for a bath. She said "bye bye", waved and blew her goodnight kiss to the outdoors - finally ready to settle inside for the evening. 

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  1. Such tender moments showing your Dad and Lailah by the water - really precious. Love the one of Gramma Tami watching both of them on the slide too! And the scenery shots are so neat - love the mood-invoking ones of the trees in the water.