Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pumpkin Time!

Andy did a really good job at making a nice pumpkin patch for Lailah this year. Instead of doing it in our little garden he did it at his Grandmas house where there was plenty of room, and we had quite the turn out. Big ones, little ones, all kinds, even a few HUGE ones. Every week or so as they were growing we would take Lailah over to see their progress. She was pretty stoked when harvest day came. She thought it was pretty amazing to see Dada and Grandpa picking them and putting them into the back of the truck. She has been excited over the past month to have them on the porch and in the backyard, she pats them and hugs them, and sits on them - they are good buddies. She says pump most of the time, but every so often we get something closer to pumpkin. She's pretty much capable of saying anything that's only one syllable except for love - I just can't get her to say love ya. I think she knows how, she's just yankin' my chain.

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  1. A great day - great memories for Lailah. Love the pic of Mark and Andy together. Something in the very top, far right picture of Lailah, reminds me of Andy's Grandma Kawahara.