Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday's with Lailah Episodes 15, 16 & 17

Friday's with Lailah Episode 15 - Art Dye Park
It's really nice to be so close to a great secluded park for Lailah to explore - lots of dirt and rocks, and STICKS! She really loves it there. So we headed out 2 Friday's ago. I figured we would try and get as much outside time in as possible before the cold weather hit.

Non-Friday with Lailah Episode 16 - 11-11-11 One Day on Earth Video Project
Last Friday I took part in a project called One Day on Earth. I headed out to Black Rock at the Great Salt Lake and shot my first time lapse. I got there at 5:30 AM and left at 11:00 AM. The video is a compilation of 2,427 images - one taken every 4 seconds. I learned a lot during the process and also have much to still learn after the process. The video starts out with the moon setting. It was very dark, but due to the camera settings it looks quite bright in the video. Throughout the video I moved around a bit, ultimately ending up quite close to where I had started. It was an interesting experience and something I am glad as I was a part of. Looking forward to 12-12-12. And to top it off, my awesome brother prepared the soundtrack.

A mostly non-Friday with Lailah Episode 17
I am trying to earn a little bit more money for the Holiday's therefore I will be working a few Fridays over the course of the next few weeks, so this Friday I had to take photos of a couple of finished projects for work. I headed out to Magna early in the day, stopped at the office to print an RFP, headed back home to take Lailah to the doctor (not a fun visit at all, but all seems to be okay), and then headed back out to Murray to take more pictures in the early afternoon. I traveled over 120 miles, had to listen to my little Lailah cry her little eyes out, had a small nervous meltdown thereafter, and needless to say, I am so glad that the week is over, I am welcoming the weekend with open arms - turning the alarms off was the most elating moment of my day. Now I only hope that tonight Lailah sleeps better than last night, I am exhausted. Looking forward to next Friday, the day after Turkey Day and a paid Holiday, woo hoo. Even though today was a whirlwind, I am so thankful for what I have.

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