Sunday, July 29, 2012

Friday w Lailah up AF Canyon & Steel Days (Part 1)

Last Friday with Lailah we headed up AF Canyon in the morning for a picnic. Lailah shared her sandwich with a squirrel, was rendered speechless by a deer and tried to catch several butterflies. AF Canyon is pretty much always a good choice for a fun Friday.

Lailah's got her eye on the squirrel

Said squirrel has his eye on Lailah
Lailah asks if she can give said squirrel some of her lunch

 The dino's intently keep there eyes on the situation unfolding

 Squirrel takes the bait and enjoys every bite

In American Fork, they have what's called Steel Days. So later on Friday they had a little 'parade' go by our house. Lailah enjoyed watching all the people walk by, and really, really enjoyed the suckers that they threw to her.

I see them coming!
 There way down there.
 Getting closer now!

This is amazing!
 No, this is SUPER amazing!

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  1. Love AF canyon! Didn't know there were dinosaurs up there....eeek!