Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday with Lailah...and Andy!

This Friday was spent with Lailah...and Andy! Andy didn't have the 4th off, so he had today off instead, and we decided to head out to Red Butte Gardens this morning. Lailah was super stoked about 'the garden'. Give the kid flowers, water, and sunshine and she is good to go. I feel right in my element in Red Butte as well. I could spend an entire day there taking pictures. And my goodness, what a difference a year makes. I took Lailah to Red Butte last year around this same time and have put together a couple of side by sides from then and today:

And here are the rest of the photos that I took during our adventure:

 I think Lailah was pretty happy that Dad was able to join us today.

 Lailah reflecting while watching the waterfall, and checking out her new little Acorns

 There were kids jumping off a wall, and I think Lailah was really concerned for their safety.

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