Sunday, July 29, 2012

Steel Days Part 2

Last Saturday was the wrap up to Steel Days. During the day Lailah had LOTS of outside time. Of course with Dinosaurs out in full force.

 Andy and I made Salmon BLT's with Dill Mayo on Ciabatta. Now, I normally don't like Salmon at all, so I decided to have just a BLT, plus avacado. BUT, I took a bite of Andy's with the salmon and was kind of wishing that I had one. I am sure that we definitely be making these again. They were delicious.
 My two favorite people in the wide world.

 Lailah sitting in her Great, Great Grandpa's chair.
 What do you mean don't pick that pepper yet.

Later in the evening She-Daisy put on a concert at the High School across the street, and later on it was Fireworks. Now, normally I would be excited for Fireworks, but Lailah is so scared of them. Last year she was traumatized by them, so this year, we thought we would try to show them to her again, but we didn't get too far. She didn't even want to have anything to do with sparklers. So, we got her to bed, and crossed our fingers that she would stay asleep with all the loud booms that would ensue come 10:00pm. We were in luck, she stayed asleep the whole time, and I was able to catch a few shots of the show right from the comfort of my front yard.


  1. Those sandwiches look tasty! Sydnee was afraid of fireworks her first time. It helped to cover her ears to drown out the sound. Seeing them without the loud booms helped ease her into it.

  2. Oh I love this post! Catching up on everything - and some of my favorite pictures of munchkin. Her expressions are priceless - I'm also very impressed with your pics of the fireworks!