Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dont Wanne be fat no more updates x's 2

One good update, one not so good update. I'm a bit behind:

Last week's weigh in: 184.2 For a loss of 1.2 lbs that week.

And this week's weigh in 185.4 For a gain of 1.2 lbs. Ahh, poop stains!!!

It's crappy, but it happens. It just means I have to work harder this week. I didn't go grocery shopping last weekend so I wasn't prepared throughout the week and I didn't make the best of choices. I also wasn't feeling very well, being treated for an abscessed tooth. The pain was making me tired and disinterested in working out, and the antibiotics I was on made me feel constantly hungry. It's a new week. Tomorrow I will hit the store and get prepared for the week. Be sure to tune in for my loss next week. =) Hopefully it's more than 1.2 lbs. to make up a little bit for the gain.

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