Saturday, August 25, 2012

A reunion.

This weekend was the Dean Family Reunion at the Adventure & Learning Park, and Lailah had fun, and even met some new friends.

 Ha Ha, in all but 5 minutes of meeting each other, these girls were holding hands. Too sweet. =)

 Finding Acorns.
 Lailah was absolutely fascinated with this little baby. She kept peaking in at him from all angles. It was pretty adorable.

 Towards the end of our stay Lailah started acting a little crazy and was running everywhere. She was more or less chasing the people in front of her.

 And running away from Dad.
 And running away from Mom.
 Oh wait, what's this?
Try to catch me if you can.
Her feet crack me up in this picture. I have never seen her stand like that before.

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