Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Friday’s with Lailah - Episode 10

Lailah and I went to the park for some time with nature this Friday. Sticks – Check, Dirt – Check, Birds – Check, Ducks – Check, Rocks – Check, Tiny Acorns – Check; Let’s just say all the things that make Lailah the happiest. She had a lot of fun, and held tight to two little acorns the entire time we were there.  She was in her element.


  1. Can you believe this beautiful little girl is ours...she is my favorite thing in the world! Good job momma, you baked her just right! :)

  2. Andy's comment cracks me up - but I agree!
    I love these pictures too, I would love to have seen her going after the duck, two little waddlers ;)
    The little crossed legs, and so seriously studying the acorns. And I LOVE the way the photos capture the light in her eyes!