Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Friday’s with Lailah Episode 7 – Close to Home

This past Friday with Lailah we stayed close to home. Taking time off work makes the budget a little tight, and with so many beautiful things to see so close to home, sometimes it’s best to just keep to a short leash. We went on a walk to the Catholic Church down the street and hung out for a little while, but other than that we kept to the backyard. Here are a few pics of Lailah being Lailah and the busy bee activity that was taking place in the backyard. 

 I have started eating completely Gluten Free and Dairy Free as much as I can, so much of that Friday with Lailah was spent baking various gluten-free things, pancakes and fried eggs for breakfast,  chocolate chip cookies for a treat (a big batch frozen for whenever a sweet tooth hits), Banana Bread, Blueberry Corn Muffins and Taco Soup. I have to say, the past 5 days of eating gluten free I feel like a new person. My daily stomach aches were coming back with a vengeance and rather than start with B12 injections again, I decided to make a different change. I’ve been tested for celiac in the past with negative results, but was always told that I may still have gluten intolerance and without changing my diet I wouldn’t know if that were the case. Anybody that has Celiac or a Gluten intolerance knows that it isn’t the easiest lifestyle change to follow so I never did it, but the more I read about gluten and it’s association to the problems I have been plagued with over the years, i.e. pernicious anemia, vitamin deficiencies, stomach aches since I was a child, depression, etc. the more I thought it was worth trying. It’s been fun to try new things, and hasn’t been nearly as difficult as I anticipated. For anyone thinking about trying it, or already doing it, the book “Cooking for Isaiah” is really great, and so far everything I have made has been delicious and easy. Andy and I went to lunch on Sunday and I didn’t eat Gluten Free and I had a stomach ache the rest of the night, so I am convinced that Gluten Free is the way to be…for me. If anyone has any gluten-free yummy recipes they want to share I would love to have them – just post to the comments so everyone can see.

That’s it for now. The next Friday with Lailah is quickly approaching; I will have to do better at making a more timely post next time.

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