Wednesday, September 14, 2011

In my Head

So, I constantly have words racing through my mind. Words that I don't know the meaning of, words that don't go together, words that go together like a dream, words, words, words. Sometimes it drives me crazy, well let's be honest, quite often it drives me crazy. The funny thing about the words is that they often are fluid, they easily come together, but when trying to form them in my mouth they come out discombobulated and not at all the way I want them to. It's frustrating. So I am challenging myself to write at least once a week the words that are racing through my head, in hope's that it will help me to better form my thoughts when actually speaking them. 

Now a disclaimer; many of the things I will write won't make sense, or will require you to question the meaning behind them. While I invite you to look into them all you want and come to your own conclusion about what they may mean, they often aren't anything other than words to me. Most things I write will be fictitious and not based upon actual events.  I had several creative writing classes throughout school and was once sent to the counselor's office by a concerned teacher because of a poem I wrote comparing myself to an old mustang. And I once got a half page scolding from a homophobic high school teacher, that I am conviced was he himself a homosexual, for using the word 'gayly', referring to the way in which bees were buzzing about or something of that nature. So whatever I may write, don't be concerned, and please don't be offended, as I said they are just words.

So cutting to the chase, today S words were slithering through my head, here is what I came up with when putting pen to paper, or more rather fingers to keyboard.

Standing silently still at seaside in solitude and solidarity.
Swelling heart rising and falling like a serpent from the surf.
Scriptless scenes shame-faced in shambles swallow my sleep.
Myself a Schooner sailing sinuously - soaked and sober.
Sing-song skylarks selling sophism smug and snide.
Sinking in slowly I sob, now sot from sucking in sight and sound.
Speculative and spellbound I begin to swim steadfast.

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