Monday, September 19, 2011

Fridays with Lailah – Episode 9 Willard Bay

This Friday I decided to take Lailah on somewhat of a road trip to one of my favorite past-time thinking spots – Willard Bay.

When we left our house the sky was blue and speckled with happy white clouds, but as we neared Roy, it started to get gray and gloomy and right as we were approaching the North Marina it started to rain…hard. I thought, oh boy, we didn’t drive all this way to be deterred by some namby pamby rain!!! And with that as we were parking, the rain started to dwindle, allowing us enough time to enjoy our stay…and keep the camera lens dry.

When I got Lailah out of the car and she could see the vast expanse of water, she was amazed. She tucked her lips in and opened her mouth to take 3 hard breathes…her way of saying HOLY SHMOLY!  She immediately wanted down, and I knew at that moment - keeping her wrangled while trying to take pictures was going to be a task. She wanted so bad to just get in the water; walking along the edge getting her shoes and pants wet wasn’t enough, if she would have had her way I would have been swimming in after her. I swear that kid has no fear and an infinite fascination with water. She’s a fish I tell you!

She loved feeling the sand sift through her little hands, watching the colony of seagulls and flinging sticks, but most of all playing in the water. Judging from the pile of sand in the back seat of my car I would say it was a rather successful Friday with Lailah. I am looking forward to being able to travel longer distances with her someday; show her the sea, the arches, the redwood forests, Old Faithful, the Lincoln Memorial, Pearl Harbor, wherever our wheels or wings will take us, for “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” (St. Augustine) Some true words of wisdom that should resonate within all of us…if you haven’t taken a road trip in a while, don’t forget to do it before it’s too late.


  1. We have an amazing kid! She is so smart and so beautiful!

  2. And she is so lucky to have you two for parents. Two amazing parents = one amazing daughter. Congrats you two. I love reading about the adventures and seeing all the beautiful pictures.

  3. Excellent, excellent pictures. The first, upper left one, reminds me very much of her daddy for some reason. And too cute, sitting, a stick in each hand :) and following the seagulls. Just too precious! Thank you for letting us enjoy your "Fridays With Lailah" vicariously. Lynnie